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Webinar Report

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Immunology webinar. It was great to see more than 50 people attend. In addition to Immunology team members on the panel, we were joined by Susan Walsh from Immunodeficiency UK and Margaret Bennett, a local patient who has done a lot of media work to raise awareness of immunodeficiency. In fact, several of our patients spoke of their experiences, which was lovely to hear.

There was a packed agenda (too packed – lesson learned for next time), and we covered items including updates on services and treatments, clinical psychology and patient support. But the most popular item was an update on Covid and how we can best manage this in our lives. Thanks to Alex Richter for sharing her slides:

There were lots of questions, and hopefully we answered most of them.

While we’re keen to get back to meeting face-to-face again, do look out for more webinars in the future.

Immunodeficiency Webinar 8th June

We’re hosting a Webinar. See our post for more details.


– YOU NEED TO ACT URGENTLY (updated 17 May 2022)

New treatments have been approved in the NHS for treating Covid-19 in people with immunodeficiency. The treatment can only be given within 5-7 days of the first symptoms, so it is all too easy to miss out.

If you have contact with a known case of Covid, or if you develop symptoms of Covid, you should not delay and GET YOURSELF TESTED. It is no longer necessary to have a PCR test – a positive Lateral Flow Test is also accepted if it is reported via the website or by phoning 119.

You should make sure you have a supply of Lateral Flow Tests by ordering them on the website

If you have a positive test result you may be eligible for treatment. Check on the NHS website for details.

If you aren’t offered treatment when you report a positive result, it may be that NHS England doesn’t have you on their list of vulnerable patients. Get in touch with the Immunology team and we may be able to help you get considered for treatment. You can also contact contact NHS 111 and tell them that you may be eligible because of your weakened immune system.

The message is:


There is more information about the Covid testing and treatment programme on the Immunodeficiency UK website


We’ve added a FAQ sheet for patients with immunodeficiency who have questions about Covid-19 third doses and booster jabs.

There is also information on the Immunodeficiency UK website