The treatment of Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) has transformed in recent years. Previously patients often suffered disabling attacks of swelling or abdominal pain without seeking medical help. When they did go to the Emergency Department they often experienced difficulty getting the correct treatment.

Self-treatment of HAE attacks

A range of treatment options is available for treating attacks of HAE, and these can all be given at home. We discuss the treatment options with the patient and family. Once the most suitable treatment is agreed, we can train patients and carers to administer

  • C1 esterase injections
  • icatibant injections
  • other oral symptomatic treatments

After training a patient (or carer) how to manage HAE attacks we monitor how these treatments are going, and provide support and advice, and further training if needed. We also prescribe the medications and can arrange for their delivery to the home.

Referral for HAE self-treatment training

Any patient in the West Midlands with a confirmed diagnosis of Hereditary Angioedema or acquired C1 inhibitor deficiency can be referred for this service (see referral routes under Services).

Contact the specialist nursing team for further advice about this service.