The Centre’s Mission Statement:

To put the patient and their family at the centre of a comprehensive and cohesive service for the diagnosis and management of immunodeficiency, and to promote the continued development of that service through excellence in governance, training, education and research.”


The department provides a service for the diagnosis and management of immunodeficiency, and advice for doctors. Referrals are received from throughout the West Midlands region.

The service is the largest in the West Midlands, and one of the largest in the UK, serving a wider population of over 2.4 million.

The West Midlands Immunodeficiency Centre provides services for both adults and children. Outpatient clinics are held at Heartlands Hospital in the Children’s outpatients and the Infectious Diseases outpatients, where there are also a dedicated day case treatment areas for paediatric and adult Immunology patients. Self-management training for a range of immune therapies is supported by a team of paediatric and adult-trained specialist nurses.

See our FAQs for common questions about immunodeficiency.


The Jeffrey Modell Foundation has published “10 Warning Signs” for immunodeficiency. Show this to your GP if you are worried.