The Allergy Centre provides services for the following conditions

  • seasonal rhinitis (hay fever)
  • rhinitis due to dust mite, pets or other allergies
  • hives / urticaria
  • allergic swelling (angioedema)
  • food allergy (including specialised dietetic advice)
  • antibiotic and other drug allergies
  • anaesthetic allergies
  • bee or wasp sting allergy
  • latex allergy

There are outpatient clinics where patients are initially assessed. For further testing patients may be followed at one of our special clinics or for some allergies we might undertake desensitisation immunotherapy.

How to refer

  1. General Practitioners may refer through the Choose and Book system, followed by a written referral.
  2. A letter may be sent directly to one of the consultants for review.
  3. Advice and guidance (without referral) is also available through the Choose and Book system
  4. Urgent referrals should be faxed and discussed by telephone.