Sneezing – is it Hay Fever, or could it be a symptom of Covid-19?

Sneezing often happens with viral colds. It is not a common symptom of Covid-19, but it can occur. The tree pollen count is now rising fast, so lots of people are beginning to get symptoms. Can you tell the difference between Hay Fever due to tree pollen allergy and a viral infection?

If you have a high temperature it is not pollen allergy. Despite its name, Hay Fever does not give you a fever.

Taking an antihistamine will improve allergy symptoms quickly, so this is a simple way to check whether you could have an allergy. A steroid nose spray (e.g. beclomethasone or fluticasone) is also a very good treatment.

Itching is a prominent symptom in allergies, which doesn’t happen much with viral infections. So if you have itchy nose and eyes (in addition to feeling blocked up and streaming), that’s more likely to be Hay Fever.

A dry cough can occur with Hay Fever as well as with viral infections like Covid-19. Other symptoms like loss of sense of smell and feeling fluey can also occur with both conditions.

So it can be hard to tell the difference, but hopefully these simple tips will help. (By the way, the picture is a pollen grain, not a virus)